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  1. You requested comments through Wealthy Affiliate, I left one and you disapproved saying was not what you asked for. I always look at what site owners request and the option comes up the discussion about the topic, questions on the overall topic, offer experience with the topic and opinion about the topic. Being disapproved of your mistake is not right to the person commenting. Be careful requesting, I have submitted the screenshot of your request to the Wealthy Affiliate community and to support showing proof that my comment was unique and matched what you requested. I always take screenshots for this reason, after you request and then deny is abusing the system and needs to stop.

    1. Hello Jannette. Since when is it a crime not to approve a comment because it is not what you expect? Maybe next time you will give a better comment about the article. Everyone bookmark my page and buy this product for children, cousins, nephews, etc. I haven’t even seen one click on my affiliate link on amazon. We must not lie and wait to be appreciated. Let’s say a sincere opinion.
      I hope you do screenshot when you bookmarking my page too.
      There were approved and rejected comments too. You have to accept everyone’s opinion. I advise you to give more effort.

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