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  1. The truth of the fact is that only this time I see these kinds of shoes. I love to watch soccer but I never realized and noticed their boots.

    What is interesting to me here are the sole spikes, I like to use that in slippery paths. They also seem to be waterproof and they are good for rainy seasons.

    I’m sure these are perfect and comfortable for jogging. Thank you for bringing in this to the public for awareness. 

    If I will choose from the Ajax Amsterdam I like the Predator 19+ by Andre Onana.

  2. I really enjoy your content. Its to the point and everything i need to know about my favorite soccer players. There are also many players that i have never heard about. Also, There are some of my favorite soccer players on hear and its good to know what kind of shoes they where. Looking forward to more content about my favorite players.

  3. Hiya Nagy

    I don’t have any footballers in my family but my nephews are obsessed so I’m sure they would love the huge selection of soccer players boots you have on offer. 

    I thought I might learn something about football because I know nothing about it at all! I was surprised at the different styles available and how many football clubs and players are represented. I didn’t see Manchester United, did I just miss it or do they only sell their own merchandise? Can you get children’s sizes? 

    I couldn’t see anything on your other links unfortunately, still I know where to look for football players boots now, krs PurpleLioness 

  4. Hello!

    Wow, what a large offer of Ajax boots :). It really gives us the opportunity of being in any Ajax player’s shoes! Be it an Adidas, a simple Nike or a Nike Mercurial, this large palette of shoes will basically make the buyers feel like Ajax men. And Ajax fans will be excited!

    Some nicely colored boots that I like: Lisandro Martinez, Peer Schuurs, the Tagliafico and Alvarez ones, the Janhuntelaar… and surely the list is not over. Beauty is a subjective factor!

    Kind regards, Peter

  5. Those are some very beautiful and fancy Soccer boots!  I did not know they had so many different types.

    I learned that the boots the Goalie uses are different than the other players.

    I checked one price out, it was about $300.   The spikes on the bottom of the boots look like they will really keep you from slipping on the surface you play on, especially if it is raining. 

  6. Hi Nagy! Happy New Year!

    I actually really enjoy your website. I currently live in the Netherlands, so I watch Ajax play as often as possible. Since I am a big fan, I enjoy reading about the players’ equipment and I had no idea how to find which shoes each one wears. How do you manage to do it? What you have done here is great! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hello there. Thank you for sharing these boots used by the players of Ajax Amsterdam. These boots are colourful and outstanding. The Brandes dn companies behind these shoes are known for goodness and quality boots. I can see that most players use similar boots especially Adidas Predator 19+ and Nike Mercuria Vapor XIII Elite. I love these boots.

  8. Really I enjoy your content a lot. I like playing football a lot. And I always had a lot of interest in knowing about these players’ playing things .I have some of my favorite soccer players and it is good to know what kind of shoes they read .  RAZVAN MARIN and NOALANG  are two types of fast I want to use for slippery paths I think it is very useful for slippery walking. I am sure they will be very comfortable. I will choose from the Ajax Amsterdam I like the Predator 19+ by Andre Onana. 

  9. Thank you so much for this! Seriously awesome post with such a wide range of boots. To be totally honest, I cannot stand soccer myself lol! But have been shopping around for my partner Luke to get him some new boots for his birthday which is coming up. The ones at the top of the post definitely look the best with the ankle support, I just hope they are as comfy as they look! Have you had any experience with these yourself by any chance?

    This post definitely makes this girlfriend shopping thing a lot easier haha!

  10. such a lovely read. I mean I’m obsessed with football (The real football), I usually go into depth with what the athletes eat and they spend their time.

    Now you have opened a new perspective that  I’ve never thought about, I usually know what the main players wear but as for the other you have cleared it for me 🙂

  11. Wow great info here on Ajax boots. Ajax has been the top dog in Amsterdam for a long time and what better way to celebrate team spirit than with a pair of these boots. While they all look exceptional, the ones that really stick out are the Adidas X 19.1. These are a real quality boot with a great look, a perfect gift for a youngster. I’ll save your post for when it’s soon time to order. Thanks and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  12. This is really great to see here too. Another European giant back in the days. Ajax brought a style of playing to the game which has stood till date and that is always a worthy thing to respect. But among the list of boot here, Chelsea’s new boy, hakim ziyexh seems to be the one that really triggers the feeling of rightness. The mercurial pro has been gaining the fame and it would be worthwhile to purchase

  13. Hello Nagy, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. These are the boots I was looking for. I hope I will find the right number for me. I am a big fan of football, I often play as a defender so I will probably get one defender pair. Thank you for sharing such great products!

  14. This is a beautiful with the bright shoes.  I am not familiar with soccer shoes, but know quite a bit about the various basketball shoes endorsed by players.  Your site helped me to see the variety in the shoes.  A major difference is that you are presenting shoes that are worn by each member of a team.  Basketball shoes are simply the model that one player uses.  Shoes for every player on a team are not available.  I guess just emphasizes the fact that soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

  15. Wow 🤩! These boots are cute and tempting 😂, I still can’t believe that the boot which I used back then in school is what Klaas Jan Huntelaar is using now (Phantom VNM). My mom bought it for me during my school inter schools football competition. 

    I love the boot for it’s balance and durability. 

  16. Hey Nagy this is really creative!

    I love how you have everything set up here – if someone wants to choose the soccer boots of their favorite player then there’s a nice list here for them to do so.

    I love playing soccer – it’s great exercise and lots of fun!

    I most certainly had a great deal of fun playing rugby as well.

    Have you ever thought about adding some ebooks or online video trainings that go over specific soccer skills and techniques?

    Why not right? I know your niche is focusing on shoes, but surely there’s a chance someone could be looking to perfect their craft on doing certain dribbles and such.

    Just a thought, but great site – very well put together!

    I’ll have some buddies of mine come here to submit some orders soon 🙂

    Best Regards,


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