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  1. Wow, this is very detailed. I absolutely love the phantom VNM and all the more so that it is worn by one of the world’s most promising rising stars, Lautaro Martinez. I love the fact that it is also graced by one of the best in his position, Roberto Lewandowski. I totally love the look of the boot. The champions league though seems to be moving towards an unpredictable direction. We’ll see if Liverpool can hold on to their crown, though I think it’ll prove very difficult for them. 

    Thanks for sharing

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  4. Wow what a seamless and efficient way to buy boots from qualified UEFA Champions League teams! I really like the visualization here as it paints a nice picture, and very interesting to put the boots alongside each player. Some of my favorite boots here come from the Borussia Dortmund strikers. I like the look of the white and blue up from there. I’ll definitely save your post to reference and also share with friends. I look forward to reading more, well done!

  5. Wow I love this site, its like soccer candy!  I had no idea until I arrived that there was such a big deal about individual players boots.

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  6. UCL is my favorite football competition and the Real Madrid is my favorite team.

    Looking forward for the first legs matches that will be played on February 18, 19, 25 and 26. I am looking forward for Real Madrid to come up with flying colors as they did in 2015-16 to 2017-18.

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  9. I think it would be a very good idea to try buying any of these Russian-sounding names or brand names of Soccer player boots as they will amaze my friends and teammates here in the Philippines. I like the color and design of Oleg Shatov’s shoes (Mercurial Superfly VII Elite), the combination of blue color with white stripes. Though simple may it look, there’s a masculine feeling wearing this pair of soccer shoes.

  10. Thanks for providing each participating team in detail! I love the Champions League, after the World Cup and the Euro Cup it’s the most exciting competition there is. This season, either Liverpool or Bayern Munich will win it in my opinion, I’m a Porto fan but Porto is so weak right now…

  11. Being a big soccer fan I found this site simply fantastic. The trainings with the shoe models was a wonderful idea. My favorite team (SSC Napoli) is still in the running for the next round but I have not found any links. It would be fantastic to have a post dedicated to my team.

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    I am very particular about the comfort of my shoes. The only thing I worry about when I buy online is that one can’t try on the shoe first. I think if you can it should be tried on in a shop and if cheaper online one can then go ahead and order the correct size online.

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  17. I really like this idea. I’m actually a huge fan of soccer, even though I don’t play it so boots won’t really benefit me. I’ve never stopped to think about what boots players like CR7 and Messi use on the pitch, but it’s good to know now. As long as they’re scoring goals and leading their teams to victory. What team do you think is going to win the Champions League? It’s getting good!

  18. I root for Barcelona and Messi is my favorite player. Therefore, I would definitely go with the Nemeziz 19.1. Adidas is a really good brand and offers excellent quality. I’ve bought shoes from them in the past and have always been satisfied.

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  20. I totally agree with you the ULC is one the most anticipated football competition Europe and if I were to be a league like that of laliga or the the Barclays premier league then it would be the most watched.

    As a footballer I too know the importance of soccer boots as they are one of the most important kit every player must have…..I really like the Ajax teams as they have one of the prolific players in the world like hakim ziyech,I never knew he uses Nike bootsbas we all know Nike has some really nice collection of boots. I was hoping to see my team Chelsea and their boots but anyway thanks for sharing.



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  23. I know what is this league however not in detail. You have provided us a detailed breakdown. I iove the idea you can click on the players boot to buy them however it took longer than usual to load.

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  28. Lol I think some boots are going to be sold out in no time while others will remain in large quantities. Messi’s boots should be sold out by now same as Ronaldo’s. If I have to get one then it’s definitely Messi’s. I have always loved watching the UEFA champions league and seeing great players scoring amazing goals for their teams and it’s a delight to behold. Way back when I was watching Raul and Shevchenko and Inzaghi and Ronaldo da Lima and Ronaldinho and Co in the champions league I felt like being in their shoes and be the fantastic players that they were. Such amazing feelings. 

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  31. How can are you able to pick just one with all the amazing and beautiful models that you’ve displayed over here. I love all the vibrant and vivid colors, but I also love the standard black ones. If I had to pick just one, I think I’d go with the Luiz Araújo +19 one. The color immediately caught my eye. Awesome job with this website. It looks absolutely fantastic, colorful and unique. 

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  39. Thats the most creative display of football shoes I have ever seen, really well done. Pictures are really worth a thousand words! I showed it to my 14 year old too and it was a fun 20minutes we spent looking at the boots! Harry Kane’s Phanton VNM is my absolute favoutite! I have a pair of them already but now it looks like I may have to get one for my son too! 


  40. I really like the way that you put this article together. It was very easy to see what each of the teams that are competing this year for the UEFA Champions Leagues have as main players and in turn to also see what they are wearing for boots/shoes. I am a Bayern fan, have been for decades, so it was good to see them in again this year.

    The selection of boots they are using is pretty broad too I noticed as I went through each team. I do have my favorite shoes that I use recreationally, and it is good to see that some of my favorite players on the Bayern-Muenchen team wear that brand as well. 

    Three actually are using the Phantom VNM from Nike, and this is the one I also have. Great fit, looks great, and they are also very durable, I have worn them in many conditions and they just stay looking good and effective. The price is also not out of this world, well worth the investment! Really enjoyed this post, I hope many will see it and get the shoes their favorite players are wearing!  

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    May I ask what soccer team is your favorite? I used to live in Newham and supported West Ham. I beieve they play at the 2012 Olympic stadium now. Much better than the old one. I don’t see West Ham in the mix. 

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  43. I’m not a massive footy fan but enjoyed having a read about the teams and finding out who the top 10 players are as it gives me something to talk about when I’m in the pub with friends. I’m an Aston Villa fan so I bet they don’t end up top of the league and win some cups. Great Website!

  44. Awesome shoes! I noticed that most of the players are wearing Nike with a mix of Adidas and Mizuno shoes. My personal preference for soccer shoes has always been Nike, but I haven’t played soccer in a long time. Which shoe is your favorite out of all the ones listed above? 

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    By the way, as an Englishman. It’s football not soccer!!!

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    Just out of curiosity, did you have a favorite pair of boots yourself? 

  65. Wow. This is truly for the football (or soccer) fans. Practically every boot from every team. I am looking at the boots from Ajax Amsterdam and it would seem they are either Adidas or Nike. In your opinion, do these boots differ in terms of performance one from the other or is it just a styling? 

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