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  1.  hi, this guy is an incredible athlete. And that is very impressive that he the second most expensive player. It’s obviously big money in soccer, so that must say a lot for his skill and abilities. when you get to this level, the shoes that you were wearing are a big deal. There’s a lot of Science and Resources go into making these shoes for these players.

  2. I remember how hard the march of Philippe Coutinho meant for Liverpool fans, and that a fan created a song in which he boasted his new trident made up of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino, the same that played down the game of Brazilian to Barcelona.

    Quickly the song went viral on social networks and Christian Falk, a journalist following Liverpool, managed to let Mané sing along with him this sticky song.

    After the last friendly between Brazil and Germany in Berlin, the journalist approached Philippe Coutinho to show him the video and the Barcelona did not like the matter.

    Coutinho managed to see the video shown by the journalist, the same one who asked the Brazilian if he liked the song, receiving a blunt “no” for an answer and a face of few friends.

    Excellent soccer shoes, have you been able to try the grip of these boots? I always have a problem with this when choosing soccer shoes. Because I tend to save myself a lot.

    Very good to remember this great player!


  3. Thank you for this inspiring post on Philippe Coutinho
    He was my favorite player when he played for Liverpool club, but I didn’t know he is with the team of Bayern Munchen. I like wearing his mail.
    How much do his boots cost?

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I came to know about my favorite football player through your article. I am a big fan of Philippe Coutinho and I always watch his game and I think of him as the idol of my life. I am a professional soccer player and seeing him I became interested in playing football and I did not know much about him as you mentioned in your article so I have become a huge fan of them from now on. You have given a shoe link in my article like this one of my favorite football player’s shoes, and I will buy this shoe very soon and I will share some more with you.

  5. I enjoyed reading the article on Coutinho. I didn’t realize high ranking soccer players were paid this much money. What is the average soccer player paid? My nephews are into soccer. They are always talking about how having the right boots to wear is so critical to playing good. I will show them your website, they will find it very informative and interesting.

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