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  1. Hey man, Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely one of my favorite players. I am also a fan of Liverpool club, the reason because I am with AXA. Haha. Do you have any recommendations for that soccer boot that can be used in the field and can be converted to casual normal shoe? if there is any? What brand for soccer shoes is better? I asked because I am more into the Adidas brand. And I do not want to spend shoe that only for soccer, I want to be able to wear then casually too. Thanks, man.

    1. Hello, thank you for this comment.

      I will write an article about casual normal shoe. For Liverpool players please find Salah, Mane and Van Dijk boots at Top10 Players menu . 

  2. I love the style, colors and shape of this soccer boots, so simple and beautiful.

    Nike does put effort on design! I love it! 

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  3. Wow, I didn’t know anything about Cristiano Ronaldo, thanks for the interesting facts. I can only imagine how much money he must of banked from Nike sponsoring him with their special Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite Dream Speed cleats since 2002. Not to mention all the salary he has made from the soccer teams, crazy! Must be good to be good at soccer lol. Those Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite Dream Speed soccer shoes are pretty darn awesome looking. Thanks.

    1. In this days, football rule the world, with salaries, supports, TV rights, everything.

      Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best.

  4. I used to love buying the boot of my favourite player when I played football as a young kid. The moment you put them on you would feel as good as the superstar player that wore them. 

    Ronaldo wasn’t playing when i was a kid otherwise I would have definitely bought a pair of these! He is in my opinion the greatest player of all time.



    1. Thank you for this comment. I will make an article about legends boots like Ronaldinho, Zidane, or Ronaldo (the brazilian version – number 9 ) .

  5. Love these shoes really,  they are the most comfortable shoes I ever got, I have try not to dirty them(lol!) And the price for it is amazing. I also got it as a present for my cousin early this month. He appreciated like I got a Ferrari for him. 

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  6. Wow, I have to be very appreciative of this post because I didn’t know so much about the Nike mercurial boots and I didn’t know that my favourite football star was the face of the boot and has worn it for a very long time. I think that it will be very good for me to get a boot myself. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best. For Messi boots, please go to TOP10 Players and find what boots he use at FC Barcelona. 

  7. Is there a difference in the ground where one has to choose one kind of soccer boot vs. the other?

    For wide feet, what are the best boots?

    A description in the blog post of each type on that Amazon sells will be easy to look at, compare and make a decision of buying.

    1. Hello. 

      Yes, there are big defference in the ground. 

      i recommend you this kind of boots, they are the best for your kids because can easily play on grass.

      Please see what boots have Messi and Neymar at Top10 Players – menu. 

  8. Wow I love Nike and Ronaldo is best footballer in the world,and my small boy love playing football I ll get him the boot soon I really like Nike’s  product very quality  thanks so much for this post I really appreciate  it and it’s also with the good recommendations gonna get the boots soon thanks alot 

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best. For Messi boots, please go to TOP10 Players and find what boots he use at FC Barcelona. 

  9. I really like the Nike mercurial boots alot and it is my preferred boot to use when playing football. Unfortunately though, because of the success of the boot, there are a number of counterfeit and sometimes it is hard to know the difference. I myself have bought a couple of that too. I like the fact that you could give the information of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of the biggest players in the work and the face of a very good football boot.

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best. For Messi boots, please go to TOP10 Players and find what boots he use at FC Barcelona. 

  10. I’ve been searching for some new football boots for my son as he’s growing fast. He pointed out these Nike’s (of course) and asked for them. Do you know if you can get these boots in all weather studs and also if you can personalise them? 

    I used to wear Nike Legends and they were my favourite boots for years. How do these boots compare and are they as durable? I’ve never worn boots with an ankle sleeve before, how does this feel and affect your all round play? 

    1. Please ask your son who is favorite player. If is Cristiano Ronaldo, you should buy this boots. If he is Messi, come back here and view in Top10 Players Section what boots have Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona.

  11. Cristiano Ronaldo is a brand and a very big name in the boot industry when it comes to Nike. I cannot seem to grasp how well he has been when it comes to maintaining the image rights with the things he has achieved. Cristiano Ronaldo is a big name brand and well respected. Thank you si much for explaining so much about him and the various exploits he has made since he became a brand ambassador for Nike. For real, I heard that the Nike mercurial boot is limited to a few players for now. How real is that?

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Nike mercurial boots are limited for best players in the world. One of them is Cristiano Ronaldo. 

  12. I’m currently into buying a new pair of football boots (sole came off on the old ones in a very rainy and muddy match) and these look really nice (although a bit pricey for my liking).

    Can you list some pros and cons of these boots or recommend a sligthly cheaper alternative?

    1. Hello. If you want to be the best and quality is important for you, i recommend to buy this kind of boots.

      You can see also what Messi and Neymar boots have, at  Top10 Players menu.

  13. Great post you have here and I can only be thankful that you have shared all these here. Such a big one to see. Ronaldo is my best player and I love him a lot. The Nike brand series that he is the image for is selling well and this latest addition would only be another big success. Great one you have here and also, considering the price of this boot, they seem okay and affordable. Good one from Nike

  14. I’m just learning the sport and as we know our grounds here in the Philippines for soccer are not that good as compared to what other countries have. So, with that, there’s a need for me to choose a one-of-a-kind pair of boots and I think I should give this one from Cristiano Ronaldo a try. I like the design so it adds up to my confidence it will give the boost that I need. The one that’s featured is okay with me, but I won’t be comfortable with only one color so perhaps I should buy two pairs with the color of each set different from each other. Thanks for the share.

  15. Amazing! Christiano Ronaldo is one of the football players that I really admire a lot. He is skilled, he has speed and he is one of the best and top football players in the world at large. I never really had an idea about these pair of shoes that he uses so I am glad that I know them now. Thanks

  16. Nice soccer shoes. It’s great to be able to see the kind of shoes famous players are using. This one will for sure become very popular with Ronaldo wearing them. It’s amazing what a known name can do to an otherwise simple product. Hopefully with the coming holidays we will see some nice discounts in this one. Thanks for the info!

  17. Hello there. This guy is really good. Although I have not been following him lately, I have been hearing good stuffs about him. His pair of boot:: Cristiano Ronaldo Football Boots 2019-20: Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite Dream Speed are really nice looking and portable too.

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  18. Very nice post you have done here. I love football very much.  Ronaldo is my favorite prayer. He is my idol in football. And Juventus is my favorite club in Italy. Nike is my favorite brand. Because of their product quality.  This Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite Dream Speed is a very nice boot. The design & color of this boot is awesome and it’s very comfortable to play football.  I just loved it. I will highly recommend to buy this boot.

  19. Undoubtedly one of the greatest to ever play the beautiful game of soccer. I love his tenacity and incredible work ethic. It is not surprising at all that he has been the face of Nike’s Mercurial Boot line since his debut back in 2002 even though he was only a kid then. Thanks for sharing

  20. This is something right down my alley being a huge football fan. Cristiano Ronaldo has a legacy which goes all the way back to his very first boots with Nike and I have been following him ever since. 

    I believe those Nike Mercurial Superfly VII are the next chapter of his career and are one of my favourites from all the boots he has worn.

    Personally I always tend to go for mercurials as they feel lightweight and since I have the blue mercs that were released a few months ago I might go for these once they have worn out.

    That guy is legendary status! 🙂


  21. Hi, thanks for a wonderful guide you have put in place Herr to assist people to get some helpful piece of information that can link them to players and their boot.

    For me as a Barcelona fan, I love Lionel Andres Messi and Luis Suarez, they are the best of them all.

    I am a lover of football so I encourage my daughter who has found interest in football, she wears the number ten jersey for her team in school and she is very good at it.

    I will Lil to get nothing else other than the jerseys and the boot of Barcelona players because they are simply the best.

  22. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us.  I like playing football and have played a lot since I was a kid .Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my very favorite players .When it comes to Nike, I remember the Cristiano Ronaldo band and it’s great and renowned for the boot industry. And I respect it very much for being the name of my favorite player .The Nike Mercurial Superfly Boot is my favorite and it is very interesting to look at because my favorite color is black .Its features are nice and my brother played football and I thought I’d give him something like this for a long time and today I got through your article. 

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  23. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Ronaldo is one of my top football players of all time. I am a big fan of him and regularly follow him. I watched his training live 2 times and I am surprised how good he is. I currently don’t have enough money to buy these wonderful boots but with the first chance, I will get it.

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  26. Wow, it’s great. As a mom who doesn’t know much about football, I sent this Nike Mercurial Superfly to my husband on my mobile phone, and he answered me, dear, it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo often I wore a football boot, how did you ask this question? I answered him and said: I plan to buy a pair of sneakers for our son, because last week my son told me that he would play football with school classmates and let me Buy some gear.
    My question is: Is there a style suitable for 12-year-old children?

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  28. What an amazing player who has just made the Guinness Book Of Records for the most followers on instagram, having bust the 200 million mark! Can you imagine the marketing power of a following like that?

    I bet these boots are not too cheap huh? But there will be other more affordable boots on here?

    I have left a request on one of your other pages. I am interested in junior sizes and bulk purchase terms , grateful you  share any information on those, or let me know how I get that information.I hope they are not too expensive?

    Just in case are you able to recommend where I could get junior sizes at reasonable prices, do you have another online site?



  29. Hello there. Thank you for creating a professional profile on Christiano Ronaldo. My dad is really into the soccer. I watch soccer from time to time, but I’m not really a fanatic. Nevertheless, I still appreciate the talents of soccer legends like Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona and Pele to name a few.

    I didn’t even know that Ronaldo had a boots line. I will bear this in mind next time I want to buy someone a gift.

    I am a professional grammarian and linguist. I have a few grammar tips if you don’t mind. For “Nationality” it’s Portuguese not Portugal. Also, you should delete “until today” from “Cristiano Ronaldo has worn the Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Cleat as professional footballer since his league debut for Sporting Lisbon in 2002 until today” because you have already used the word “since”.

    I hope you find this feedback constructive and beneficial. I have enjoyed your site so much that I am going to bookmark it. Thanks a million!

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  33. I’ve gotta say, I really like the look of the cleats you are highlighting. Ronaldo is a great player and certainly worthy of his own shoe line. The price really doesn’t seem all that bad either, especially with a name attached to it like his, when you compare it to endorsed basketball shoes. Now, if only they could help me PLAY soccer like, Ronaldo, it would make a great shoe even better! Thanks for the post!

  34. I have always found Cristiano Ronaldo to be a stand out player. I love that he is the face of the Nike Mercurial Boot line. Personally I am a fan of Under Armour, but I love the look of these. The design and aesthetic is all there and really appeals to me. These are definitely sleek and stylish!

  35. This is lovely. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the World top Goal Scorer and my Son’s favourite footballer. He will definitely love this great looking boot. But I can’t find the price for size 6.5 on the Amazon link. Is there any other way to get the price to enable budget fot it please?

  36. Hey there! I just can’t explain how big fan I am of Cristiano Ronaldo. Me and my friends call him CR7 as his number of jersey is 7. I didn’t knew he wear Nike boots. I am surely gonna buy one pair of it and also share this wonderful article about Cristiano Ronaldo to my friends. I am sure they will rush to buy a pair each.
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  37. My favorite player…35 years old cristiano ronaldo now has 11 goals in his last 7 games, he scored his second goal, in his second Copa Italia appearance ( 2 games, 2 goals). The greatest penalty taker of all time ( as his fans call him lik me), won a penalty at the 90th minute to equalise and score Juventus only goal. No matter the pressure he may be under, ronaldo never fails to deliver when it comes to penalty kicks. he is simply amazing to watch. i also have the boot that is on your website. great post

  38. Ronaldo has been my favorite football player since he won the title after leading Real Madrid and Portugal to the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Euro 2016 Championship titles respectively.

    I like that Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite Dream Speed as it will be comfortable in the field regardless of the time spent. Thanks for sharing this article.

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  41. Hello,

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  42. It seems like several footballers make more money out of advertising than playing football haha! But yeah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are some of the greatest footballers of our times.

    The boots are really cool, although I would just wear them to play soccer. They’re too sporty for casual wear. Being Nike, they’re good quality for sure. Why does the price vary so much, though? They start at $119.94 and go all the way up to $294.99.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  44. Wow I didn’t know that this line of sneakers was already this long available! It’s great to read a bit about the story behind it as well. I’m not such a big fan of soccer myself (even though I’m living in Portugal), but I will forward this to some of my friends who are big fans and who play soccer as well (not professionally 😉

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  53. Cristiano Ronaldo remains my favorite football player till who’s good at what he does.He is a legend who against all odds rises up above any circumstances, competition, and all other retrogressive factors. His speed and magical goals is second to none. Also, his life style outside football inspires me alot. 

    Long live Cristiano Ronaldo 😍!

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  55. There is no denying that Christiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer / football players of all time. He’s well known and well liked all around the world for his prowess on the pitch. Are there new boots for each season and is there an easy way to look at all of these side by side? I’d imagine it’s a highly-styled and now a very valuable shoe collection!

  56. There aren’t too many sports superstars who are bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo. And it’s no surprise that he has partnered with Nike. I absolutely love these shoes – the design is really unique and special. And my son will think it’s so cool to have the same shoes as Ronaldo. 🙂 Thanks for the great info. 

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  60. Christiano Ronaldo, what a player. He has won the best European player award several times. To my mind when I talk about soccer professionalism my mind goes to Christiano Ronaldo. After each game he goes through a 2 hour training recovery program. I do not know any other player who goes through that ordeal.  He has scored hundrends of goals, many of them in very important games. (championship finals, cup finals) I woul like to know what boots the legendary player Christiano Ronaldo is wearing. And thanks to you I know he is wearing the Nike Mercurial Superfly boots, a magnificent set of boots.

  61. I assume Nike just called him up, offered to make a shoe just like he wanted and preferred (and offered a bunch of money and gear for decades of top of that) for using his face for the brand. I mean, I don’t know. For me, it just seems like it might have been the case.

    Overall, I really like the shoe. Not that expensive either even for someone that rarely does football. I imagine though if I would do it frequently or still train, I would without hesitation get a pair. To that end, I actually see it as something extremely affordable. I mean they’re likely just badass to play in. In every way of the word.


  62. These must be excellent football boots if Cristiano Ronaldo has worn the Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Cleat as professional footballer since his league debut for Sporting Lisbon in 2002 until today. It says a lot when athletes back up their own gear even though they are endorsing a certain brand.

    Have you tried the Nike Mercurial Soccer cleat personally? How was it for you during playing a game?

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  65. Wow! is it? Since 2002, Cristiano has been using Nike Mercurial Boot is actually news for me. Thanks for sharing that.

    That sums up the whole review and trust in this brand which is used by a reputed soccer player. I was actually surprised to see such a short description of the product but in a few moments realized that there is no need for one it is ‘Nike’, second, it is endorsed by so many well-established players.

    Worth a purchase.

  66. I remember all my classmates being into soccer when I was a kid over a decade ago. They talked about Cristiano so often. I lived in the country during that time though, and had no cable, so I was at a disadvantage. I wasn’t able to watch the same things!

    I thought he was a lot older too, but I guess when I was a kid, he was in his first few years!

    Since then, I’ve seen him play a few times. He is such a good player! No wonder they went crazy over him. Who is your favourite player? Does Cristiano crack your top 5?

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