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  1. I have been a fun of Eden Hazard since he was in Chelsea that’s years ago, I always like his moves and he is still a big star performing well too at Real Madrid, neither did I know the boots that supports his tactics, the Nike mercurial vapor boots must be so powerful and strong to keep the player comfort while in the pitch, I really like the way you present your article, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles, thank for attaching the affiliate links with the price attached to it, this makes it easier in the purchase process.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello again!

    Another article with a very talented soccer player – his achievements speak for themselves – who also wears nice boots.

    In my opinion, Elite versions of his boots may pe pricey for some of us (of course not for him 🙂 ), and I like the black variants of these Vapor 13 FG shoes (coming in both Elite and non-Elite versions). Again, they also allow people with various foot sizes to enjoy being in Eden Hazard’s shoes, then again I think that sizes being currently listed as unavailable are so just because people have already ordered them!

    Let’s see who will be the next football (as we call soccer in Europe) player you will be showing us!

    Best regards, Peter

  3. I could remember vividly when Hazard came to Chelsea football club in 2012, I enjoyed watching him play and because he was so good I got a couple of his jerseys, now that he’s playing for Real Madrid, I still like seeing him play sometimes. I like the Nike Mercurial vapor XIII elite football boot, the shape and the design looks really nice. I’ll share to some of my friends who plays football.

  4. My son is a big fan of Eden hazard. In fact, we had travelled once to watch him play at Stamford bridge, where we pleaded to get a picture with him. Harzard has been like a mentor and motivation to my son because he aims to become a footballer too. This is simply perfect, maybe I will just buy this not for him against his next birthday coming up next month. Thanks

  5. Wow! Thank you for sharing this post about Eden Hazard.

    The first time I got to know Eden Hazard was when he was in Chelsea Football Club (CFC). This guy is Hazard indeed. I call him Hazardous Hazard. I never had an idea about his boots before now, good to know the boots that he uses.

  6. Eden hazard is actually one of my husband’s favorite players, he never ceases to amaze me with the amount of information he has about him and his mode of play. My husband plays football with his friends but I’m not sure of he’s aware of Nike mercurial vapor XIII elite,getting one for him as gift will be a very nice idea and I know he’ll love it, thanks to you, this is very useful for me.

  7. Eden hazard is a great player and arguably one of the very best around currently. Though he has struggled with his stint so far at real Madrid but undoubtedly, he is superb. I never knew he has his own boot brand with Nike too. This is rather good yo know of and would be worth sharing out to people. Thanks

  8. Eden Hazard is one of the best players of all time and all over the world. He measures with top players like Messi, Christiano Ronaldo etc. I love the way he plays and he is one of my favourites. Thanks for his football boots history, and the information about his boots. Getting these boots will be an added value.

  9. Wow, it’s interesting to read so much about how much Hazard has accomplished in his football career, it was just like yesterday when he came into the limelight in Chelsea football club, I’m not really surprised he’s up to that, he’s been right from the start. I like his football boot, Nike produces really amazing boots that are very durable and beautiful, for Hazard to wear them, im sure they are definitely good. 

  10. I really enjoy your content. Its to the point and everything i need to know about my favorite soccer players. There are also many players that i have never heard about. Also, There are some of my favorite soccer players on hear and its good to know what kind of shoes they where. Looking forward to more content about my favorite players.

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