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  1. Although your article on soccer player boots, but its an eye opening for us to be able to get to know more on what the soccer players are actually wearing for their soccer match. You will find brands and the difference in designs of the shoes. It’s a n informative piece of work. Highly appreciated. Good work, keep it up

  2. That is amazing a team owned by the fans! And worth 4 billion dollars that is epic! I’ve always been a fan of European football and personally play soccer myself in the United States, but just for fun. I like those nike phantom vnm cleats they look sick! Just may have to snag me a pair!

  3. Fc Barcelona is surely the best club side in the world currently. They boast of world class players and they have always been exceptional. If I were to get any of the boots here, I’d be going for that of Lionel mesdi because of my love for him. I’d love to have such a boot specifically designed for a great man like him. Thanks

  4. Great one, I’m football player as well and am happy to see the love you have for football, the site is very nice and I love the information you gave about the team- It is the fourth-most valuable sports team in the world, worth $4.06 billion, and the world’s richest football club in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of €840,8 million. it’s actual great details and happy to visit your site. Thanks. 

  5. It’s amazing to see that this soccer club has been going for over 100 years and still going strong. It is amazing that they all have their own personal choices when it comes to footwear, and it is interesting to see what the different personalities choose with regards to both color and shape of boot.

    I was also surprised and amazed to read that they are the fourth richest football club in the world, and the figures that they bring in are astounding.

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  8. This is really cool. I am not big on soccer but I have a 13 year old some that is in LOVE with the game. He always kicking the ball around the house, kicking around chairs and furniture. I would tell him something about but that’s what he’s passionate about and I embrace it. But his birthday coming up and wants some new soccer shoes which is what I’m trying to get him. The only thing is I don’t know the first thing about soccer shoes. He’s plays forward. What shoes do you recommend best for his position? Great article, very informative and going to share it on my Facebook.

  9. Thank you for this informative post!

    FC Barcelona is probably the most respected team in the world when you consider the number of championships and cups they have won and they are one of my favorite teams. 

    They also have some of the best players in the world like Lionel Messi, who, by the way, is the best footballer in the world. That’s their strength. They play today against Athletic Club and that’s a match I won’t miss.

    But Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player, and I’m happy that his boots are ranked first among the Hot boots today. 

    I already paid for his boots some time ago and I liked them because they were really high quality. I found this one is nice too.


  10. This article really gave me more knowledge in the world of soccer. I never knew each player had a special designed boot until i read this article. I loved the structure of your article since it’s easier to understand and the right foto’s of each boot were utilized. I enjoyed reading it

    Good work

  11. I been following Barca for a very long time, I must beg honest I didn’t know the history and how the supporters are responsible for the running of the club. Barca has a very big rich history, when I used to play soccer some 30 years ago there was not too much choices on soccer boots. To think that today you have them personalised is amazing.

    The predator 20.1 would be my choice if I were still playing the game.

    Thanks fo sharing the history of the team, I enjoyed

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  13. This boots are amazing! Especially that ‘Adidas predator 20.1; I’ve been waiting for this release as it  is a lot more in-line with what I expect from a Predator. It has that familiar feel about it, allowing for more freedom around the ankle as you take advantage of the Power boots fundamentals. 

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  15. This was some great website, I love the stuff on this site and would be totally interested to buy my favourite players shoe or just learn more about the other teams.

    I am from Sweden and I love Football as we say and shall always say 🙂 

    My favourite team in Sweden is from Gothenburg and is called Häcken, they are one of the best teams and fight in the top every year but we are not that many fans and are a tight group around the team that back them in every way…

    would be nice to see the Swedish Allsvenskan teams on your site

    where are you from? I think football should be bigger than it is in the states?

    and for sure we have Zlantan in Sweden, one of the greatest of all time!!!

  16. These boots are extremely beautiful and I love them. 

    I never knew FC Barcelona is owened and operated by the supporters. Does this mean that the supporters elects the club president and have a say in the scouting of players for the club? 

    The fortunes of the club is dwindling, on field that is, after the demise of Tito the club should have held on to Luis Enrique but they let him ago and they haven’t got a very technical and tactical manager since. 

    i was hoping they’d get a Koeman but opted for Setien, let’s see how it goes with him but I don’t think there are many positives. 

  17. I loved the opening photo. A close up of some of the best players in the world. In Australia, we call them soccer players. We have our own brand of football, as well as all the others of course. There is certainly a lot of money involved but nowhere near as much as in Europe. FC Barcelona has done amazingly well. Very good for Catalan.

    Are you connected with FC Barcelona in any way?

    LUIS SUAREZ is one of the best players, isn’t he? 

    The Puma Future 5.2 Netfit that Suarez wears are my favorite ones. I wore both Puma and Addidas when I was younger. Boots with stripes, they were the best, but the ones they have today are amazing.

    Great looking page, well set out.

  18. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Barcelona is definitely one of my favorite football clubs, I follow it since my childhood and now my son also likes it the most. I would like to get Cristiano Ronaldo boots but unfortunately, I don’t have money ey, I hope to spare next month and get one for my collection.

  19. Hello,

    I’m surprised you’re not going into a little detail about the shoes the players are using. Posting merely a little information on the team and then links to where you can buy there shoes, although somewhat handy, does nothing to convince me which shoes I should buy.

    Perhaps you could rank them from your favourite to least favourite? Or compare them in features and/or price. I’d like more information on these shoes rather than just what they’re called. I’d have to go to another website to then look up the features and decide which ones to buy. 

  20. My brother is in love with soccer. He watches all the leagues and the world sup. He has his own teams and also gamble as well. His birthday is right around the corner. i am sure that he will be over the moon to find a soccer shoes this year. The Puma 5.2 looks great and also Adidas Nemesis. Gotta think over night. Thanks for the review 🙂

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  22. Not a big fan of Messi but I know a lot of his lovers.

    Dude the amount of research you make into this site is remarkable.

    I am planning on gifting 2 of nieces with these shoes, they are a big Messi fan. I will share your website!

    Deserves more views, keep it going, brother. 

  23. Thanks so much for sharing a good article to help me to know more about the FC Barcelona

    As my grandson is a huge fan of this soccer team, he loves to talk about it, so I better to my homework to learn more about this club.

    So it was founded on 1899 by a group of Swiss, Spanish, English and Catalan footballers led by Joan Gamper, this is quite interesting as I never thought a soccer team that is the 4th most valuable sport team in the world today, could be founded by a group of different nationalities, I think I will impress my grandson with this information!

    When my son traveled to Spain last year to work for a few months in Madrid, he asked me what I would think if he traveled to Barcelona to watch a game, I asked him how much was the ticket, when he told me about the price of one single game, I thought, “Oh my that is expensive” – but I told my son, if you’re a huge fan of this team and you are visiting Spain, I think it worth to pay the price.

    Later, I asked my son how did it went, he told me – Mom, it worth every penny! This team is huge!!

  24. Hey man. I play football professionally and absolutely love the Nike Men’s Legend 7 Elite FG Soccer Cleat. I use them for my soccer games and they always last me a long time, plus they are really comfortable and give me lots of traction, especially on wet grass. Thanks for this review, I’ll be sharing with all my teammates!

  25. The website as a whole looks very good. The images of the headers and the shoes themselves go very well together, and the pictures of all the teams and who the shoes are coordinated with was a very clever move on your part. The links going to the product information are very precise and the shoes are very enjoyable to navigate through when looking at all the cool and unique designs of the shoes. Great job!

  26. If I still played actively I’d have a pair of those Cristiano Ronaldo Football Boots.  They are indeed, superfly!

    I had no idea FC Barcelona is supporter owned and operated but, it doesn’t surprise me with their track record, unprecedented stats and the way they are a highlighted part of the culture there.

  27. This is a great and amazing article I must say. your article on soccer player boots is so interesting and I really love it. This article has made me know the boots Barcelona players wear before going to the pitch. And I will love to have a pair of messi boot because the design is extraordinary. Lovely article please keep up the good work 

  28. Thank you for putting all the boots of all the players of one of the best soccer teams in the world on a single page. It is truly interesting to see all the various designs on display here. I am not an expert at soccer boots but do you think there are differences between the boots of the defenders and and goalkeepers? Or are they just different in designs and looks?  

  29. Hello there! These boots are awesome. Before now I have been using the Addidas predator but going through these boots, I think I’ll have to try out the Jordi Alba’s boot (Copa 19.1) which utilizes a structured knit textile material with a firmer, stiffer feel, which is something to keep in mind especially for people like me  who likes  the boots to be on the stiffer side. 


  30. FC Barcelona one of the best football club every,they have some of the best players in the world and currently home to Messi the world best player and one of my football icons after Cristiano Ronaldo.

    I really like Messi boot the Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 I as at the time I wanted to buy them my size wasn’t available but I think I would try again as I can’t wait to try them out I have been using Ronaldo’s Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite Dream speed 2 but I think it time for a change…thanks allot for review Barcelona’s boots.



  31. These boots are awesome. Before now I have been using the Addidas predator but going through these boots, I think I’ll have to try out the Jordi Alba’s boot (Copa 19.1) which utilizes a structured knit textile material with a firmer, stiffer feel, which is something to keep in mind especially for people like me who likes the boots to be on the stiffer side.

  32. My brother is in love with soccer. He watches all the leagues and the world sup. He has his own teams and also gamble as well. His birthday is right around the corner. i am sure that he will be over the moon to find a soccer shoes this year. The Puma 5.2 looks great and also Adidas Nemesis. Gotta think over night. Thanks for the review

  33. I have been following FC Barcelona for a long time. I like their aggressive game play making it a treat to watch all through the 90 minute game. Interesting to know that to know that they are the richest football team. No doubt they have one of the largest fan following. Love to see the favorite players and their favorite shoes they use. I like sites you are making. Keep it coming!

  34. WOW, excellent team, I love it!

    My son plays football, and I promised him to buy him a pair of professional soccer shoes if he doesn’t quit, which he usually does quickly:) So now I am looking for shoes online because they are cheaper than at the retailer. I really like the Adidas Predator,20.01. I will show these shoes to my son. I hope he will love them too:) Well, I am pretty sure he will.

    Thank you for this great list of shoes.

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  36. Just stumbled on your other blog post and the one regarding Cristiano Ronaldo. I gotta say.. Knowing the placements of the players even though we can sometimes forget who are the defenders and who goes on the offensive does give an edge.

    This also allows the viewers like ourselves to visualize who uses what gear during their placement. Makes buying much more easier! Thank you again for taking the time to make these articles!


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