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  1. It’s very good to see that Kevin de bruyne has really gotten some Nice awards himself. As a Chelsea fan, I feel really bad that he had to leave the club but right now, he is a beauty to watch. His boots is a very good one. I think I should cup one next although I use something different currently. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  2. What a great article, currently I am a fun of man city since the last premier League, I know of Kevin dear Bruyne from back in Chelsea, I never knew that he has been playing to many teams as you stated in this possible, I really thank you for sharing such a wonderful article, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles, my friends and I always like to debate on football clubs , I am lucky to find your website, from now I will be debating with full information or any player, Thank you

  3. Kevin has been one of my favorite players in the position he plays and on the field generally. The Belgium midfielder has proven himself countless times both for his club and country and no doubt I can say he is the best I have seen going by the fact that he goes on injuries and comes back in form so fast. It hurts me to see Chelsea FC lost such a player.

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  5. Hi, I enjoyed reading about this guy. He is pretty cool. Obliviously one heck of a soccer player wit lots of winning and championships under his belt. 

    When you are playing at such a competitive level, then every little thing can make a difference. Shoes are no exception to the rule in this case.  I was expecting the cost to be a lot higher for these shoes, but with them being so affordable and convenient to buy, I think they are a great deal.

  6. My son just started playing soccer, and his uncle happens to be a big Manchester City fan so he has been showing my son matches when they are on TV. I think he would enjoy a pair of these boots if they come in his size, and I know his uncle would enjoy a pair. Thank you for sharing, I will be sure to share this with my brother so he can look through the options!

  7. Kevin is such a popular player that it is no wonder that the advertisers use him to promote their clothing and shoes. Whatever shoes he wears, his fans are going to want to buy. These Nike’s with the spikes are great looking shoes, and hopefully just as comfortable as they look. I love the material cover that is meshed to allow for breathing.

  8. Hello! Thank you for this very informative article for Kevin De Bruyne. He is one of the great football players in my mind. His records are really wonderful in his country that impresses me so much. Many friends of mine like him. What you write tells me about his history clearly than other posts I read before.

    The boots really impress me because it’s very stylish and beautiful. I personally like the yellow one because I like yellow and it features a ghost lace system that looks wonderful. If I can wear this, I believe my friends will admire me. Next time, I will buy this one as my gift.

    Thanks for sharing great information and the boots with me.

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