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  1. Ooh my God! Anything from my number one footballer, Mohamed Salah, I just like all his skills, a polite guy but tough when it’s striking, he is my favourite football player, I believe his boots might be magical, looking forward to check them out, thanks for sharing the affiliate link with the price, this will help me in the purchase process.

    thank you.

  2. Hi Nagy,

    I really enjoyed your article about Mo Salah’s boots. As Liverpool are the most successful team in England right now (overtaking Manchester City at the top of the premier league), I am sure the boots will be very popular. Do you know if I can get them in children’s sizes as I’m sure my son would like them (age 7)? Thanks in advance, Andrew

  3. Hey,

    I’m a North Londoner & Tottenham fan, so not the biggest Mo Salah fan in the world lol. That being said, even I can admit that he has a very good player & his boots are extremely smart!

    My son much to my distaste is a massive Mo Salah fan, I was considering getting him a shirt; but that is something a lot of his friends are likely to get.

    I think boots will be a nice unique gift, hopefully they will  have his size before Christmas!

  4. Wow, I didn’t know that Salah already has so much on his name already. The young man has already bagged so much accolades from a young age. I am sure he has so much people who envy him. I like the boots as well. They are very sleek and I feel I would really need to buy a couple for my liver pool fan friends. Thanks!

  5. An amazing player with some amazing statistics. Messi and Ronaldo may be the two player that get most of the attention but it’s a pity since there are other amazing players like Salah that should be getting the same kind of attention also. Thank you for providing all his story as I didn’t know many of these details.

  6. yeah Mohammed  Salah has been my best premier  league player ever since he came to England,though right now he might be off form but soon I know he would catch,so am buying my kids his kinda boots and his Jersey very affordable  thanks alot for this post on my best player in the premier  league I know with using his kind of boots my son gonna  play a good game

  7. Thanks for this wonderful article about Mohamed Salah it has been interesting because you have provided his history about soccer and I also like him as person and because he is my team Liverpool which I love so much. So I have enjoyed reading this article though it has been so brief but interesting. Thanks very much admin for sharing. 

  8. Mohammed Salah is one of my favourite players ever. He has really done so well to come up to this point that he currently is on. I like the fact that he started young. I would have preferred that he was the face of a Nike boot though but the adidas is not bad either. It is the first time that I am hearing of the adidas X 19.1 though. Nice one!

  9. I’m a very big fan of Mohammed Salah, i love how he plays and most times when I’m caught watching footballs matches, it’s mostly because of him. It’s a good idea that you can buy some of his kits online, especially his jersey, I’ll get I as soon as possible, also for my kids and my wife. Thanks for sharing this useful and interesting information.

  10. Currently, in the premier league, Mo has been really fascinating player for a while now and his game is outstanding i must admit. He has been really good with his contributions to the success of the entire Liverpool game and i hope to see him do better and better in seasons to come.

  11. Hello!

    Mohamed Salah scored a great performance in the Premier League, with so many goals there’s a good reason they gave him the Golden Boot. Not to mention the other PFA reward. So that certain people would definitely desire to be… in his shoes :).

    As for the shoes themselves, it’s very good that there is a large range of foot sizes being provided (from small to huge). Some of the boots are not always available for certain sizes, but probably it’s because interested people have already ordered them. Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Cleats are quite nice with that yellow nuance, also the 18.1 Firm Ground Cleats come in attractive fashions.

    Have you already tried Salah’s soccer shoes?

    Best regards,


  12. Hi Nagy,

    I am a soccer enthusiast too  and being able to find the shoes my favorite soccer players wear is so cool! I have being eyeing Mohamed Salah’s boots for some time now, so I think you persuaded me to go for it! 

    Do you know if they will be on sale since Black Friday is around the corner?



  13. Mo Salah Is one of the players I like most and it’s been a while since it’s been like that. Even though I don’t really watch football matches that much, I still find time to read through some news about them. Getting this jersey Will be a good idea and I’ll make sure I do that as fast as I can. I hope to see more articles like this.

  14. First of all, many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article .Football is my favorite sport and my brother is a football player. FC Liverpool is my brother’s favorite team as well .In a word, we are blind football fans and personally I like Mohamed Salah players .This favorite player is a humble man .And the name Mohamed Salah Football Boots is my favorite .So I bought it for my brother and he is very happy to have it. Because this color is his favorite and the features of this boot are really nice a s well as comfortable. Mohamed Salah Football Boots are really interesting to look at .

    I will definitely be delivering your article to my brother to spread the article to his friends. And personally I had a great desire to know about this favorite player that I came to know through your article. Also we will share with you our new experience soon. Can I share your article on my social media?

  15. Mohamed Salah has amazing presence on the pitch. He is hard to miss. His energy on and off the ball has made him a great asset for Liverpool and the Egyptian National team. Egypt didn’t have such a good run at the 2018 FIFA World Cup but their performance in the succeeding Africa Cup of Nations qualification was great. Nevertheless, it’s clear that his adidas X 19.1 cleats have a lot to do with his explosive runs and goal scoring feats.

    We are Blessed.

  16. Mohamed Salah is one of Africa’s most prolific talent…. although I am not a Liverpool fan but I must Salah is one of Liverpool most important forward three as he know how best to sink in with his striking counterparts Firmino and radio mane.

    I really like his boots, I hope my size would be available as I know Salah’s boots is going to make a very good addition to my boots collection….thanks a lot for review Mohamed Salah’s boot…..I think Salah is among one top ten players in the world.



  17. Wow🤩! Thanks for sharing this details of the football legend Mohammed Salah. He’s someone who’s highly gifted in football such that the game takes a different turn once he’s playing. 

    I think I’ll try out that Addidas X 19.1 as it’s balanced and cool to use in any weather conditions. Thanks!

  18. Indeed Mo Salah is a man with a magic boots, a game changer and the man of the match whenever he steps on the Pitch. Amazing personality meek and talented almost unbelievable. His achievements are indeed a great inspiration for youths around the world and he is a worthy ambassador. We are proud he is from Africa and we are ready to follow in his foot steps. So glad to have access to his boots! they are definitely an item every football fan should have and a collectors masterpiece. Thank you so much for this wonderful review and for making this amazing site available for all. I love the green grass background, it makes me feel like i am in the stadium watching a live match. Haha

    Can we order boots personally autographed by him ? If Yes please reply and let me know how to get them. I dont mind paying extra for those. Cheers! you just made my day.

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